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How to Have a Healthy Halloween: Oral Healthcare Tips

Halloween is a fun time to bond with the little one(s)…but watch their candy intake!

Halloween is coming up! Your children will most likely want to overindulge in skittles, M&M’s, sour patch kids, or whatever their favorite treats are. However, overindulgence of sugary candy can create issues regarding your child’s oral healthcare. Eating candy in moderation is always advised. Having a healthy Halloween will sound downright horrible to any child, but their teeth and enamel will thank them when they become adults. Want to learn some oral healthcare tips that will help you and your family have a healthy Halloween? Then, keep reading! 

Eat Candy in Short Bursts

Sugar contact time is a critical component of the decay process. The less time sugar is in contact with teeth, the less chance our oral bacteria can use these sugars to produce acids that cause decay. Therefore, if you are going to eat candy this holiday, we recommend you eat the candy over a shorter period and brush right after to decrease your chances of developing any issues.

Be Choosy About the Candy

HARD or STICKY candies are the most detrimental to your oral healthcare. Sugary sweets that are sticky tend to remain on our enamel for longer periods and are usually more difficult to remove. Therefore, it’s essential to brush and floss immediately after you indulge! Hard candies are notorious for breaking and chipping crowns and natural teeth. Be wary and careful when enjoying that Jolly Rancher!! 

By now, you may be thinking, “Well, what sweet treat IS healthy?”. By far, dark chocolate is the best. There is a compound in it that hardens enamel. Compounds in cocoa beans also have a plaque-fighting agent. 

Fight the Urge to Stockpile Candy

Having a healthy Halloween means not keeping those sweet treats around for months on end. Have your children pick only a few of their favorites. Hoarding candy only promotes unhealthy habits. 

Drink Plenty of Water

Here at Smile Designs of Olney, we can’t stress enough how vital it is to drink a lot of water, especially after eating acidic and sugary snacks! Water washes away acids and bacteria. Water is excellent for your oral healthcare and your overall health, as well. Washing down sugary snacks with juice or soda will only compound the problem.  

Make sure to teach your child proper oral health care techniques, so that they can enjoy a healthy, vibrant smile into adulthood. Did you know that Smile Designs of Olney specializes in family dentistry??? We want to take care of your little ones and your entire family! 

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