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GLO Science

$399 GLO Science Whitening – In Office

Want a brighter smile with minimal sensitivity? I think we all do!! Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry service in America. Why? This simple procedure is conservative but has a big impact on your overall appearance. It can improve one’s self-esteem and confidence in just an hour!! If you want your smile to be several shades whiter, make a trip to Smile Designs of Olney in Olney, MD for our newest whitening system…….GLO SCIENCE!!!!

What is Glo Science?

GLO Science uses a patented G.L.O. (Guided Light Optics) technology that combines gentle warming heat and light with a specially formulated hydrogen peroxide whitening gel to deliver painless teeth whitening results in short, pre-timed, 8 minute applications for that whiter, brighter smile. GLO is clinically proven to get your smile 5 shades with little to no sensitivity. It is safe, effective, clinically proven, FDA registered and is the brand trusted and used by thousands of dental practices

Will Glo hurt my teeth?

The primary fear most patients have while whitening is sensitivity after the procedure. We’ve tried many whitening systems in our office and GLO is the first to show minimal if any post treatment sensitivity. The reason being that most in office whitening systems use a very HOT lamp to activate the peroxide compound. Some reaching over 200°C causing pulpal inflammation and the associated sensitivity. Our in-office GLO Science only reaches 53°C, causing dramatically less if any post-operative discomfort!!!!

How does GLO work?

At your whitening appointment, your dentist will first isolate your teeth using a retractor. They will then place a gel barrier over your gum tissue to protect them and isolate the teeth even more! Next, a professional strength Hydrogen Peroxide gel is applied on your teeth in a thin layer. Lastly, we will insert the patented GLO Mouthpiece, which when lit, will activate the peroxide to initiate the whitening process.

This HIGH STRENGTH (30%) gel can ONLY be accessed at your local dental office. This higher strength is what creates a more powerful and deeper whitening process!!

You will whiten for JUST 8-minutes. This will be repeated up to 4 total times to achieve your whiter smile!!

Is there a take home version?

Of course, we would never want to send you home without a way to maintain your newly minted white smile! The take home version of GLO comes with whitening gel and your own patented GLO mouth piece! Now you glow from the comfort of your own home!

Call and request your GLO session today!!

Patient Testimonial

Dr. Lomke and his staff are committed to excellence – I always feel well taken care of and never have to worry about my dental care. The staff is professional, friendly and excellent at what they do. No wonder I have been a patient for 26 years! Laura M, Washington