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5 Causes Behind Weak Enamel

Tips to Keep Your Enamel Strong Smile Designs of Olney

There are many ways to keep your enamel strong

When you keep your enamel strong and healthy, it ensures that your visit to the dentist is a lot more pleasant. Honestly, no one enjoys finding out that they may have cavities, chipped teeth, or gum disease. But, there will always be a need to go to the dentist. A professional dental cleaning provides a thorough cleaning that at-home dental care can’t. However, there are many ways to ensure that you’re not weakening your enamel inadvertently. Here are some things that we recommend you avoid or at least monitor. 

Not Watching Your Sugar Intake

When you limit your sugar intake, it helps both your dental health and your overall health. Not only is too much sugar a cause behind weight gain, but it can also weaken your enamel over time. Bacteria love sugar and convert it into acid. This acid can quickly erode your enamel leading to cavities! Chewy candies stick to your teeth, and sodas are highly acidic. Even diet sodas with artificial sweeteners in them are highly acidic. While fruit is healthy, it can also be acidic, depending on the fruit. So, you have to be careful and remember that moderation is key to limiting sugar exposure. Drinking plenty of water will always benefit you. 

Not Eating Foods That Protect Your Enamel

When you eat food that’s high in calcium, it can protect against tooth decay. Dairy products have a lot of calcium. There is a reason behind the phrase “milk builds strong bones.” It also helps to build enamel as well. If you prefer dairy-free options, some almond milk brands are surprisingly high in calcium, along with many other foods such as kale, okra, and spinach, and bone-in fish. 

Over-Brushing Your Teeth

A common dental health myth is that the harder you brush your teeth, the cleaner they’ll be. This myth is far from the truth. Over-aggressive brushing, in combination with abrasive toothpaste, can thin out your enamel. When you have weaker enamel, bacteria are more able to cause cavities, and chipping of teeth becomes more common. Be kind to your teeth. Opt for gentler motions.

Being Fluoride-Deficient

Fluoride protects against cavities and helps to prevent tooth decay. Toothpaste and mouthwash with fluoride will ensure that your enamel stays healthy forever. At your next visit, ask us about product recommendations! 

Not Taking Care of Heartburn or Eating Disorders

Once again, because dental health has a connection to your overall health, you never want to ignore other severe health issues outside of your dental health. Most of us are not aware of how heartburn and eating disorders connect to dental health. When a person has severe heartburn, stomach acids work their way up from the stomach and into our mouths. Our stomach acid has a pH of around 2. Similar to that of battery acid! These acids will quickly erode your enamel. Bulimia has the same effect. If you have any severe health conditions, you shouldn’t delay talking to a specialist. 

If you’re unsure if your dental health is in the best standing, make an appointment with us today. 

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