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Debunking Dental Myths: What You Shouldn’t Believe

Many dental myths exist, but we’re here to distinguish fact from fiction

It’s common to read a lot of dental myths on the Internet. However, you can’t believe everything that you read. You should only trust a top dentist for advice and treatment plans, like the ones here at Smile Designs of Olney. We’re always honest, and we care about the state of your oral health and your health overall. We believe in using modern technology and the most effective dental tools to give our patients the best, high-quality treatments. Today we’re going to debunk some common dental myths and tell you what you shouldn’t believe. Keep reading!

Seeing the Dentist is Only Necessary When You Have Toothaches

Going to the dentist is necessary every six months, even if your teeth and enamel are healthy. Regularly scheduled dental cleanings and exams are essential to prevent your oral health from declining. Some issues show no signs or symptoms and can become worse if not treated during the early stages. The more severe an oral health issue becomes, the more expensive it is to treat it. 

Flossing isn’t needed

Dental floss goes where a toothbrush can’t. If you only brush your teeth, you’re merely cleaning 60% of your teeth. That leaves 40% untouched!!! The most effective tool we have in dentistry to clean the spots between our teeth is dental floss. Floss gets into tiny crevices and helps prevent decay between your teeth by removing bacteria and food debris that a toothbrush can’t reach 

Diet Sodas Don’t Harm Teeth

While it’s true that diet sodas don’t have sugar in them, they are still highly acidic, just like regular sodas. Diet sodas typically have a pH of 2-3, while water, being neutral, has a pH of 7. Acidity works on a spectrum where “0” means highly acidic. To further put this concept into perspective, a battery has an acid level of about 0. Diet soda, too, can eat away at your enamel. The healthiest beverages are water, vegetable juice, milk, or any drinks that aren’t highly acidic. 

Teeth Naturally Degrade With Age

Regardless of your age, you can have healthy, durable teeth. Maintaining an oral health care routine, along with seeing a top dentist routinely, will keep your enamel at its best for your entire life. On the contrary, being young doesn’t mean that your oral health is where it should be. Young adults tend to love soda and candy, which degrades the enamel. Therefore, children must practice healthy habits right away. 

Whitening Toothpaste Works

Whitening toothpaste only removes surface stains, if that. These kinds of toothpaste have very abrasive particles in them, which can remove surface stains. However, these particles also can abrade away your enamel. We always suggest avoiding whitening toothpaste for this reason. Here at Smile Designs of Olney, we offer one of the top FDA-approved teeth whitening techniques to get you the vibrant smile that you desire. GlO Science is quick, painless, and gives you results that gel or strips never could. Curious about other dental myths? Schedule a complimentary consultation to see a top dentist today, and we’ll answer all your questions! 

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