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5 Benefits of Regularly Seeing the Dentist

The Importance of Regularly Seeing the Dentist Smile Designs of Olney

As silly as it may sound, regularly seeing the dentist can improve your love life and overall likability.

If you are not regularly visiting the dentist, what’s stopping you? Not coming in for regularly scheduled dental appointments can lead to a myriad of health issues. Plus, having white, healthy, and relatively straight teeth is a confidence booster. Here are five benefits of regularly coming into Smile Designs of Olney. 

You’ll Avoid Tooth Loss and Possibly Dentures.

When you come to the dentist’s office every six months, it makes you a shoo-in for better long-term dental health. If your goal is to keep your natural teeth and avoid needing dentures or other forms of teeth replacements later on in life, there is nothing that can help you more than seeing Dr. Mitchell A. Lomke, DDS, or Dr. Joshua M. Lomke, DDS, consistently. 

Healthcare Overall Will Be Less Expensive.

Start taking care of your body now while you are young. The beauty of getting older and retiring is that life slows down. Hopefully, you will have more free time on your hands and will not have to work as hard. You may also have more financial freedom. With that in mind, you do not want to spend all of your free time and money trying to correct dental health issues. The healthier you are, the less money you’ll spend trying to keep on top of your health. There are numerous connections between dental health and health overall. Take neither one lightly. 

Regularly Seeing the Dentist Will Enhance Your Approachability

This benefit may seem silly, but it’s true. People who aren’t afraid to show their smiles to the world seem friendlier and more approachable. Studies link an attractive smile to likability. Also, research shows that bad breath turns off potential partners. Halitosis is also an indicator that there could be more severe dental health issues such as dental infections or decay. Something is appealing overall about a person who takes care of their dental health and health in general. 

Dental Appointments Save Lives

Once again, dental health has a connection to health overall. For example, when a dentist checks your throat and jawline, they check for lymphatic abnormalities to detect early signs of cancer, especially if you have a history of smoking or health issues in your family. Dental health issues also have a link to pancreatic cancer. Plaque and bacteria buildup and dental infections can cause heart and valvular problems. Diabetes and cardiovascular problems, in general, also have ties to dental health. When you neglect to take care of any part of your body, it results in a domino effect of health complications. 

If it’s been a while since you’ve been to the dentists’ office, don’t feel ashamed. You have the power to keep your dental health in order. If you are looking for a new dental home, Smile Designs of Olney is the best option! 

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