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Join Our Smile Club: A Low-Cost Option for Uninsured Patients

Have you been putting off that much needed appointment to your family dentist for a checkup on your teeth? If you’ve ever put off having your teeth cleaned or worked on because you don’t have dental insurance, you are not alone.  Here at Smile Designs of Olney, we believe that every person deserves to have preventative and comprehensive dental treatment at an affordable price. We care about you so to combat this problem we’ve come up with a solution….

Smile Designs of Olney’s Smile Club is our answer!

What is the Smile Club?

The Smile Club is a membership that will help you afford preventive and comprehensive dental treatment. Benefits include significant discounts on cleanings, exams, and x-rays throughout the year.  Even a discount on dental work!

We are proud to offer this exclusive dental discount program to patients without dental insurance. Members in our Smile Club enjoy:

  • NO maximums
  • NO deductibles
  • NO waiting periods.
  • Plus, great savings to help you and your family keep your sparkling smile.

Through this unique plan, you and your family can access our comprehensive preventative care at a low, flat annual rate for each family member.

What Does the Smile Club Offer?

As a member of our private savings plan, your preventative care will include:

  • 2 thorough brighter, whiter dental cleanings in a 12 month period
  • 2 doctor examinations in a 12 month period
  • 1 set of diagnostic, cavity detecting x-rays in a 12 month period
  • 2 mineral treatments used to help support healthy tooth enamel
  • An additional 12% discount on other dental services, should you require any treatment. Exclusions apply for cosmetic treatments.
  • Some patients may require additional x-rays for proper diagnosis. If needed, small additional charges may apply.
  • Since the Smile Club entitles our members to a generous discount of 12%, we also require that all treatments be paid for in full when the appointment is made.

How Much Does it Cost?   

At less than 1 dollar per day, our Smile Club Membership is significantly cheaper than most monthly dental insurance payments!

  • Annual enrollment fee for adults (age 12 and up) is $399.
  • Annual enrollment fee for children under 12 is $299.
  • Membership Fee is non-refundable
  • Payment is due in full at enrollment
  • Benefit year will be from date of payment thru anniversary date of following year (i.e. July 1st – June 29th).

What if I have periodontal Disease?

Patients with periodontal disease typically require more frequent and thorough cleanings (3 to 4 cleanings a year rather than 2). For these patients we have provided affordable options to ensure your oral hygiene is maintained and treated:

  • Annual Enrollment fee ($595): includes 3 periodontal maintenance/cleanings per year. Patients must have periodontal disease under control with debridements and/or deep cleanings prior to plan eligibility.
    • Scaling and Root Planning are not covered (eligible for 20% off)

How do I know if I have periodontal disease? How do I know which plan I qualify for?

Your individual plan will be determined on an “individual basis” by your dentist and may require an initial evaluation appointment.

If you’re a current patient, please contact us to confirm you’re on Perio Maintenance. If you are a new patient, we will make a recommendation after your initial exam.

How Do I Join the Smile Club?

Signing up is simple! Just give our Olney office a call at 301-260-0700 and we’ll be glad to walk you through the process and answer any of your questions. Don’t let lack of insurance keep you from having the healthy smile that you deserve!


Patient Testimonial

Dr. Lomke and his staff are committed to excellence – I always feel well taken care of and never have to worry about my dental care. The staff is professional, friendly and excellent at what they do. No wonder I have been a patient for 26 years! Laura M, Washington