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Ways That Your Dental Health Affects You

There are ways that your dental health can affect your overall health because the body is interconnected.

Poor dental health won’t just lead to tooth loss. There are ways that your dental health can affect your overall health because the body is interconnected. It’s  important to treat your whole body as each part of the body is significant. Typical patients schedule a dentist appointment if they notice that their teeth are discolored, their enamel is sensitive or if they are in pain. However, it’s best to regularly see a dentist, if you want to prevent or deter possible other  health issues. Keep reading to learn about ways that your dental health affects you.

Dental Health and Your Heart

When your gums are inflamed, the extra strain can affect your cardiovascular system. Periodontal disease can be linked to increased risk for heart disease or stroke. Studies have proven that bacteria associated with gum disease can travel to our hearts. If periodontal disease is not treated, these patients are at risk for developing a heart condition called bacterial endocarditis. This life threatening condition can be deterred or caught early on if regular dental appointments are made.

Dental Health and Diabetes

Medical professionals link gum disease to diabetes. If you have diabetes, you have a higher chance of developing gum disease.  This statistic may be common knowledge, but did you know that gum disease can control your glucose level? Due to periodontal disease being an infection, bacterial toxins have a way of affecting the carbohydrate metabolism in cells and may cause the body to resist insulin. Therefore, you want to make sure that you take care of your diabetes and your dental health. It’s a two-way street.


Diabetes also delays our bodies ability to heal. If left uncontrolled, your gum tissues and teeth can tend to bleed more regular and and tissue which may be injured will have delayed healing. This leads to an increased risk of infection.

Dental Health and Lung Infections

Because people with periodontal disease are breathing in more bacteria, it can cause  respiratory infections, which can also lead to pneumonia. For those who already have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), it is best to make sure you have a healthy dental care routine so that you won’t be susceptible to gum disease.

Dental Health and Pregnancy

Pregnant women with gum disease may develop gestational diabetes, their child may be premature, or their baby may have a low birth weight. During pregnancy, regular checkups with a dentist or hygienist are vital to your health and the health of your baby. Therefore, you want to make sure that your dental health is in good standing.

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