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Avoiding the Dentist….Is it a Risk Worth Taking?

Going to the dentist may seem painful to some, but not going is even more detrimental

Proper dental health means more than just brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing. While these habits are healthy, you must schedule appointments with a local dentist. Checkups and professional cleaning are necessary to keep your enamel durable and keep your dental health where it should be. Avoiding the dentist will only hurt you in the long run. Here’s why:

Periodontitis or Gum Disease Can Occur 

As a general rule, we recommend patients have cleanings at least 2 times a year. You would be amazed at how much plaque and tartar build-up that can develop in such a short period of time. If we do not address the bacteria on a routine basis, we place ourselves at risk for developing Periodontitis or gum disease. Bacteria, caused by plaque buildup, can attack your gums and cause swelling, bleeding. When this occurs, the bacteria often settle underneath your gums. Untreated bacteria buildup in its early stages is known as Gingivitis. When the condition worsens, it leads to gum disease. 

Your Teeth Will Likely Show Signs of Decay

When you schedule a cleaning with your family dentist, the hygienist will remove the plaque buildup. Brushing and flossing alone and not seeing a dentist doesn’t work. While brushing and flossing do keep plaque under control, there’s nothing like a professional cleaning. If plaque buildup becomes out of control, it begins to solidify and becomes impossible to remove on your own. As these bacteria remain on the teeth for an extended period of time, they continually produce acids. This acid attack will begin to erode the enamel and likely lead to a cavity. Once the cavity develops patient usually require some type of treatment ranging from fillings all the way to root canals and possible tooth removal.

Other Health Issues May Occur

Avoiding the dentist means that you could potentially be unaware of other things that are going on with your body. For example, gum disease is a condition known for being connected to heart disease. If you have diabetes and eat a lot of sugar, then this not only affects your endocrine system but your dental health as well. Dental appointments tend to occur more often than annual checkups with a primary care physician. Regularly seeing a top dentist is vital to not only your dental health but health overall. 

Stains Will Be Harder to Remove

A typical dental myth is that whitening toothpaste works with no negative effects. This, unfortunately, is not true… Whitening toothpaste only removes surface stains because they contain abrasive particles. The particles will remove SOME surface stains but will simultaneously erode your enamel. The safest method removes surface stains from drinking coffees, teas, and wines is a professional cleaning. If you would like the achieve a whiter smile, professional whitening treatments, such as GLOScience, are a safer alternative to whitening toothpaste as they do not degrade your enamel while giving a more effective result. 

The Bottom Line

Avoiding the dentist can truly be detrimental. You deserve a smile that’s so vibrant and healthy, that well, it keeps you smiling! More importantly, your health is your wealth. Don’t take it for granted. 

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