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Why You Should Be Brushing Your Tongue

Keeping your tongue clean is one step towards a healthier mouth

Brushing your tongue is a vital part of proper oral health. It matters just as much as brushing your teeth and flossing consistently. Bad breath can still happen even if a person brushes their teeth and flosses. Why? The culprit isn’t the brushing technique but could be leftover food particles that sit on your tongue. That’s why it’s pertinent to make sure that your entire mouth is clean, including your tongue. Keep reading to discover some vital oral health care tips and discover why you should be brushing your tongue.

Why Does the Tongue Matter?

The tongue is a significant part of the mouth because it controls how we eat and articulate our speech. Without it, tasting anything would not be a possibility, nor would we be able to talk or eat properly. It’s such an integral part of the body that people often don’t give much thought. The tongue is a group of muscles that allows us to carry on significant functions.

Why You Should Be Brushing Your Tongue

Bacteria can buildup on your tongue, just like your teeth. We tend to forget that our tongues are a pretty rough surface.  The surface of our tongues is covered in small bumps called Papillae. These tiny bumps are grooves that collect bacteria, food particles, and cells. As these particles sit on your tongue, bacteria consume them producing a sulfur-like compound. This compound is responsible for most cases bad breath or halitosis! 

When you don’t brush your tongue, a nasty coating of bacteria, food particles, and dead skin cells called a biofilm can cover up your taste buds, leaving your sense of taste less sharp! 

What Ways Can I Clean My Tongue?

At home, brushing or scraping are two ways to clean your tongue. You should do so daily. Make sure not to brush or scrape too vigorously and always replace a scraper, if it gets too dull. Also, make sure to keep up with regularly scheduled dental cleanings. Dental cleanings are crucial because a top dentist can give you a clean your mouth in a way that you can never achieve at home! Also, during dental cleanings, a top dentist can see if they are any severe oral health concerns. 

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