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Waking up with Jaw pain? It Might Be Time to Wear a NightGuard

Nightguard Smile Designs of Olney

Protect against teeth grinding with a nightguard

You may be surprised to find out that you need a nightguard! If someone asked you if you grind your teeth at night, your first inclination might be to say “no.” But sometimes it’s hard to tell until the signs and symptoms start to show. After all, it’s impossible to be cognizant while you’re sleeping. Bruxism or teeth grinding is a common dental problem, and a nightguard is one of the best and simplest solutions to fix this issue. If you’re experiencing any of the following four signs or symptoms, then reach out to us today because you may be a prime candidate for a nightguard. 

Do You Often Wake Up with Teeth, Jaw, and Facial Pain? What About Ear Aches?

Teeth grinding puts stress, tension, and strain on the jaw muscles, making them inflamed and stiff. When you wake up, you may be experiencing pain and stiffness in your jaw. Tooth and facial pain are also symptoms of teeth grinding. Not addressing this dental health issue can make it difficult for you to chew or open your mouth. Experiencing clicking or popping is also common. A less commonly known sign of grinding is earaches or tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears). For this reason, it’s vital to take care of your dental health. When one part of the body is off, it creates a domino effect on your overall health. 

Do You Wake Up With a Headache?

Waking up with frequent headaches could mean that you are grinding your teeth at night. These headaches range from being mild to intense. If the affected area is around the sides and back of your head, then teeth grinding could indeed be the culprit. These headaches, in particular, stem from pressure on your jaws while grinding. Many patients also complain of neck pain.

Do Your Teeth Seem to Be Showing Signs of Wear and Tear?

Your teeth can take only but so much pressure. Persistent grinding wears your teeth down as well as your enamel, making both more sensitive. When we lose enamel, it’s gone forever. This outer protective layer of our teeth is the first line of defense from decay. When lost, bacteria are more able to damage our teeth and cause significant dental issues. If you look into the mirror and notice these things, you are indeed a prime candidate for a mouth guard:

  • Your front teeth look shorter
  • Your teeth have cracks in them.
  • Your molars look flatter on top
  • You notice little pits in your molars
  • You see a chipped tooth but are unaware of how this happened

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