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Pamper Yourself in the Dental Aisle!

Things to Buy in the Dental Aisle Smile Designs of Olney

Pamper yourself in the dental aisle by buying a high-quality electric toothbrush

By “pamper yourself in the dental aisle,” we mean that when you shop for toothpaste or anything related to your dental health, you should pick the best, most high-quality products. Why? Because taking care of your dental health is vital. When you don’t, it can lead to dental diseases and infections and affect other parts of your body. Because all aspects of the body are connected and work together, you should do your best to make sure each component is healthy. There are various ways to pamper yourself in general, but why not start with your dental health? Here are some of our top suggestions on how to improve your oral hygiene experience.

Pampering Yourself When You Have Sensitive Teeth

If you have sensitive teeth, you should treat yourself to toothpaste designed with tooth sensitivity in mind. We recommend you not struggle to eat hot and cold foods. What we currently recommend that our sensitive-toothed patients use is Arm and Hammer Sensitive or Sensodyne Pronamel.  Both of these products benefit patients because they have a low-abrasive rating (RDA) and contain an adequate amount of fluoride and desensitizing medications to soothe your comfort. To be considered a low-abrasive toothpaste, a product should have an RDA rating below 70. Both products mentioned have an RDA, which ranges from 25-35.

Treat Yourself to a New Toothpaste Flavor!

Mint will always be a fan-favorite. Who doesn’t love minty fresh breath? However, you may be pleasantly shocked to discover more toothpaste flavors on the market than mint. Oh, the possibilities. Here are some exciting alternatives to mint:

  • Cinnamon
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Mango!
  • Pina Colada!
  • Much more!

There is nothing wrong with making your toothbrushing experience more enjoyable. (But please don’t eat the toothpaste as much as you may enjoy the flavor.)

The Efficiency of Electric Toothbrushes

The gentle vibrations of an electric toothbrush will clean your teeth better and more efficiently. The rate at which the bristles move blows a manual toothbrush out of the water, which is super useful for plaque removal. These toothbrushes also help to relax the muscles and tissues of your mouth, which boosts blood flow. We currently recommend the Sonicare Diamond Clean electric brush. This brush, like many others, has modes which include:

  • Deep Cleaning
  • Whitening
  • Sensitivity
  • Tongue Cleaning

A Note on Whitening Toothpaste and Strips

Whitening toothpaste and strips that you see in the dental aisle only remove surface-level stains. For a bright smile that goes beyond the surface, ask us about our GLO SCIENCE in-office whitening procedure!!! And yes, you can continue to pamper yourself after leaving our office because we have a take-home version! 

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