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Do I Have to Replace My Extracted Tooth?

Extracted Tooth Smile Designs of Olney

An extracted tooth impacts neighboring teeth

Do you need a tooth extraction? If so, you may be questioning what the next steps are after this procedure. Tooth extraction happens for several reasons. A patient may be due for a wisdom tooth removal or tooth trauma that occurred in the case of an injury or accident. Smoking and negligence, in general, are also culprits. After tooth extraction, an artificial replacement is not required but is strongly recommended. Some individuals may not see the value in spending more time or money replacing an extracted tooth, but it’s vital for your dental health for many reasons. Here are the top considerations for why you need to replace an extracted tooth. 

Replacing an Extracted Tooth Preserves the Functionality of Your Jaw

What you may have noticed about a person with missing teeth is that their jawline appears sunken. It’s a common misconception that artificial teeth can make a person appear older. With our advanced technology and collaboration with the best dental labs and surgeons in the region, artificial teeth are incredibly natural-looking and help create a more youthful appearance. 

Our teeth and jaws work together as a whole to balance chewing function across all possible chewing surfaces. However, when a patient loses a tooth or multiple teeth, the surrounding, remaining teeth begin to take on more force than originally designed. This added stress on the remaining teeth increases their chances of bone loss, tooth fracture, and tooth pain. Our team’s ability to replace missing teeth allows us to preserve remaining teeth and improve the patients’ quality of life for all ages.

Missing Teeth Makes Eating More Uncomfortable

Life has many joys, and most people would agree that eating is one of them. When you can no longer enjoy eating your favorite foods, it makes life less pleasurable. Also, missing teeth affect the teeth surrounding teeth. They often shift, which causes gaps. Gaps in the mouth make cleaning a much more complicated process. 

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What Are My Options for Tooth Replacement? 

  • Dental Implants: The most popular choice! Implants serve as an artificial tooth root on which crowns are anchored
  • Dental Bridges: Consists of two or more dental crowns or a false tooth that spans the space of a missing tooth
  • Partial Dentures: Consist of a gum-based plastic base similar to a retainer with false teeth attached. 

Do you have more questions about tooth replacement or extraction? Reach out to Smile Designs of Olney today! And always remember that keep up with regularly scheduled appointments puts you one step closer to a healthier smile

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