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Dental Health Care for Toddlers

At Smile Designs of Olney, we are VERY family-oriented!

At Smile Designs of Olney, we are VERY family-oriented! Dr. Lomke is a family dentist that will take care of your tiny toddler or anyone in your family regardless of age. Dental health care is vital, and developing a routine should start at an early age. It should begin even before your child forms their first tooth.  If you clean your child’s gums before their teeth grow in, it helps to keep enamel healthy for a lifetime to come. Baby teeth help adult teeth align correctly and continue to be replaced by adult teeth up until a child turns 12 or 13. Keep reading to discover more about dental health care as it relates to your toddlers.

Early Childhood Tooth Decay Exists

Cavities can develop when a child is between the ages of 6 months to six years of age. As soon as the 1st tooth appears! When this happens, dentists refer to it as “early childhood tooth decay.” From the moment that your child develops their first tooth, then they are at risk of tooth decay. If your toddler is constantly snacking on sugary foods, using a sippy cup for drinking sugary beverages, (especially at night), and not brushing your child’s teeth, they become extremely susceptible to early childhood decay.

Allowing bacteria to stay in the mouth for a long time causes mild acids to form that break down enamel and could lead to your toddler needing their teeth treated with fillings, or even crowns. 

The question is……..what can you do to prevent cavities or early childhood tooth decay?

How Can I Prevent My Toddler’s Teeth From Decaying? 

The most crucial dental tip we can suggest is checking your child’s teeth mouth and gums each day. Make sure that your child drinks a healthy amount of water to wash away bacteria and refrain from giving them sugary drinks at night. Use a soft toothbrush to clean your baby’s mouth, and when teeth start to form, make sure to use a grain of rice sized amount of fluoride-based toothpaste to help build healthy enamel. When your child is three or older, you can upgrade them to a pea-sized amount of fluoride.

Sharing toothbrushes causes germs and viruses to spread from parent to child. So always have each person, no matter what age, in your household using their own toothbrush. 

When Should My Child See a Dentist?

Your toddler should come to see Dr. Lomke here at Smile Designs of Olney as early as six months. Dr. Lomke has four children of his own, so he knows the importance of dental health care regarding children.

Come to Smile Designs of Olney for All of Your Cosmetic Procedures

For your smile makeover or any other dental needs, come to Smile Designs of Olney! Book an appointment with us. Whether you want your teeth whitened, straightened, or restored altogether, we pride ourselves in quality patient care and giving you the smile makeover that you deserve. Our small, professional staff will make you feel right at home. We service the Montgomery County regions including Olney, Laytonsville, Brookville, Silver Spring, Rockville, Columbia, Bethesda, Chevy Chase and Germantown, MD. Contact us at (301) 260-0700, visit us online, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

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