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The Importance of Handwashing

importance of handwashing Smile Designs of Olney

Handwashing prevents germs, bacteria, and illnesses from spreading.

Everyone knows about the importance of handwashing. Handwashing prevents germs, bacteria, and illnesses from spreading. In any medical facility, medical professionals go above and beyond to ensure patients that they’re stepping into a facility that’s as clean as it can be. Cleanliness is one of our top priorities. Here at Smile Designs of Olney, we take precautionary measures to keep our office spotless. These preventive measures include single-use gloves and face masks, disposable materials, chemical disinfection of countertops and surfaces, and sterilization of any equipment before usage. This blog won’t merely cover the fact that handwashing is essential for so many reasons. Today, we’re actually going to discuss common mistakes that people make when they wash their hands. Read on to learn more! 

Check out our future blogs for all the changes we are making to ensure the reduction of aerosols during dental treatment.

Leaving Your Hands Wet!

It’s crucial to dry your hands thoroughly as bacteria easily replicate in moist areas. When you neglect to dry your hands, it can result in your hands being a breeding ground for bacteria! You can relate handwashing to home maintenance. When any area of your home has water damage, your home becomes susceptible to mildew, mold, and bacteria. You can apply the same concept to handwashing. Protect your hands by drying them! 

Not Washing Your Hands Enough! 

It’s common knowledge that you should wash your hands after using the restroom. But what about beforehand? Before you step into the bathroom, it’s highly likely that you’ve touched multiple surfaces. Washing before and after bathroom use aids in extra protection. You should also scrub your hands after you handle the trash or packages, and before and after eating a meal. 

Think about it like this, when food particles stick to your teeth, and you don’t brush them regularly, this can impact your dental health, possibly causing cavities and infections. When food residue and germs stick to your hands, and you don’t wash them enough, this impacts your overall health, and not for the better. You can see how overall hygiene all comes down to the same concept of reducing bacterial contact!

P.S. Always remember to wash the backs of your hands and fingertips near the nails! These places are commonly forgotten and are crucial to preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Touching Germy Areas After Handwashing! 

When you touch commonly used areas after handwashing, it defeats the entire purpose. Washing your hands and then twisting open a doorknob, grabbing a stair railing, flipping on a light switch, touching a cellphone, laptop, or refrigerator handle puts the germs and bacteria right back onto your hands. Wiping down surfaces consistently and using a clean paper towel to touch unsanitized surfaces is a preventive measure that can benefit anyone!

The importance of handwashing should never be underestimated, especially during these unprecedented times. The team here at Smile Designs of Olney hopes that you and your families are staying safe, healthy, and positive during these challenging times. 

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