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5 Oral Health Winter Tips

Keep these oral health tips in mind so that you can enjoy time with your family versus being in pain during the holidays

Winter is among us! There are many ways to prepare for colder weather, such as buying sweaters and coats, making your home warm and toasty, and prepping your car’s engine. But most importantly, you should be taking care of your oral health. Maintaining a healthy mouth is something you should be thinking about all-year-long! Just as other parts of the body need special attention during the winter, you should hone in on your oral health as well. Here are five oral health tips that you can adhere to this winter.

Practice Gentle Toothbrushing 

If you have sensitive teeth, have us take a look so we can offer possible treatments to reduce your discomfort. However, while at home, you should practice gently brushing your teeth, especially if they’re even more sensitive during wintertime. Consider switching to a toothbrush with softer bristles and brush gently around the gum line. Also, switching to a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth can help reduce wintertime tooth sensitivity. We recommend Sensodyne Pronamel Series or Arm and Hammer Sensitive.

Drink a Lot of Water

Warmer seasons are synonymous with drinking a lot of water. However, drinking a lot of water in the winter (and all-year-round) is just as crucial. Because homes are using more heat during the winter, developing dry mouth overnight is more likely. Therefore, drinking water will keep your mouth more hydrated so that unwanted bacteria won’t buildup and cause decay or gum disease. 

Wear a Mouthguard When Playing Sports

If your child participates in any sports such as basketball or ice hockey, you should purchase a mouthguard. These activities increase the possibility of injuries, which could lead to a chipped tooth or one falling out altogether. A mouthguard will help prevent an unwanted visit to the dentist. However, if an emergency does occur, do not hesitate to call and have our team help.

Consistently Wash Your Hands

During the winter, we are always blowing our noses! Remember to wash your hands often to prevent germs, especially around your mouth. Clean hands can help to keep bacteria away, and they can help avoid the flu as well! 

Winter is an exciting time with the holidays and winter activities that you can enjoy. Keep these oral health tips in mind so that you can continue to enjoy the wintertime. 

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