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This young lady presented to our office with multiple cosmetic concerns. She was tired of looking at the crowding, the uneven chewing edges, and the poor color of her front teeth. To make matters even more difficult, she was born with a congenitally missing upper right lateral incisor.  In these cases, when a patient is born missing an adult tooth, there is typically no bone to even consider a dental implant. As a result she has been suffering with a Maryland Bridge to fill the missing space. Over the years, this bridge has loosened and fallen off multiple times. She was ready for a more permanent solution. Together we developed a game plan, working with our local oral surgeon to replace the bone she was missing and place a single implant. Once she healed we were able to complete her cosmetic work with porcelain crowns on her upper 6 front teeth. This treatment took 20 months to complete but it was worth the wait!


Procedures: bone graft, dental implants, porcelain crowns, bite guard therapy