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Olivia presented to my office unhappy with her “smile gap”. She had been through 2 rounds of orthodontics and had finally had enough.  At this point she simply wanted to find an alternative solution that would allow her to enjoy taking pictures with her friends. Prior to starting her treatment, we suggested 1 more round of orthodontics and possible gum surgery to close the space prior to any treatment. Unfortunately, due to her travel for work this was not an option. She accepted the fact that we were limited with our options but would do our best to provide her a natural result. After planning this difficult case with our master technicians, we were able to craft 2 porcelain veneers on the upper and 2 lower porcelain crowns on the opposing teeth to close her spaces and blend in seamlessly with her surrounding teeth. Olivia can now take pictures with confidence and couldn’t be happier with her new smile!

Procedures: Teeth Whitening, 2 veneers, bite guard therapy