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This patient wanted her smile to look better. She had a severe lifelong grinding habit that decimated her teeth and old dentistry, causing fractures, tooth loss and collapse of her bite. She had been to many dentists that sent her away because her case was “too complicated”. She wanted the best possible outcome and was ready to do whatever was necessary to restore her dental health. Hers was a complicated treatment plan that required the coordination and treatment of several specialists, much patience on her part, and resulted in an impressive result. “I cannot believe I waited this long to have my teeth fixed. There are no limits to what I chew and eat and my quality of life has improved more than I could have ever imagined! I want to thank both Dr. Mitch and Dr. Josh on their great team effort and for giving me my life back!”

Procedures: extraction of all upper teeth, 6 implants on upper arch, upper implant retained denture, full mouth reconstruction with crowns and implant retained crowns on lower arch, bite guard therapy.