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This was a life changing experience for both the patient and our staff. Nadina presented to our office after years of self admitted neglet to her teeth. Her fears of the dentist unfortunatetly lead to severe decay on most of her teeth. At this point in her life, she had decided enough was enough and came to our office for a complimentry consult with Dr. Joshua Lomke. Following our discussion and listening to her desires, together we determined the best course of action was to eliminate all of her decay and complete a full smile makeover!
This case presented with a few issues including an uneven bite and a “gummy smile”. Due to financial concerns, we were unable to fully correct her gummy smile. But with the use of our dental lasers and customized crowns, we were able to greately reduce this apperance and restore a natural flow to her teeth! Her gums healed beautifully and her gummy smile was reduced to a more balanced level.
Before she couldn’t smile, now she cant stop!!! Thanks for letting us complete your Smile Transformation Nadina!