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This healthy, independent retired government worker was worried about the appearance and longevity of her older upper dental bridges, and she had a worsening bite, so much so that “no one wanted to touch” her case. She had a deep overbite and a collapsing bite that was affecting her TM joints, and had worn down her lower front teeth.  Dr. Lomke did a bite analysis and Smile Design and together we determined her best long term solution was to proceed with dental implant bridges (Also known as all-on-x or teeth in a day). While his patient was off to sleep with intravenous sedation Dr. Lomke and his local surgeon performed full mouth rehabilitation using dental implants and zirconia bridges to completely rejuvenate her smile. A protective night time bite guard was made to protect her new teeth and TM joints.


Procedures: Dental Implants, implant retained bridges, bite guard therapy