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This patient came to Dr. Lomke with a severely discolored front tooth. The result of a childhood fall over 20 years ago. For years she has been embarrassed to smile. Also among her complaints was gum recession and malpositioned teeth. In an ideal world we would recommend orthodontics to straighten her teeth followed by periodontal gum grafting to improve her recession. Following our consult, she elected to forgo both orthodontic and periodontal therapy accepting the limitations but still wanting to improve the cosmetics of her smile as best she could.

Following a series of teeth whitening appointments and gum recontouring using our laser, Dr. Lomke placed 2 porcelain crowns and multiple gum line fillings using both WHITE and PINK filling material to achieve the best result we could for her. She was thrilled with the result and now can’t stop smiling!!!!

Procedures: laser gum recontouring, teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, 2 porcelain crowns, bite guard therapy.