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This young lady came to Dr. Lomke after seeing many of his cases online and on social media. She had been self conscious about her smile and the overall shape of her teeth. When she was younger she had an accident that chipped her front teeth and has had bondings and veneers placed at different offices. With wedding season just a few months away, she decided now was the time for her to finally have the smile she’s always imagined. Following a consult, we decided to stage her treatment to achieve the best result. Following a series of whitening appointments, Dr. Lomke used his laser to remove extra gum tissue to create more natural and even contours to her gums and lengthen her teeth. Once she healed, Dr. Lomke placed 6 porcelain veneers to complete her case and create a natural and youthful smile just in time for her wedding!

Procedures: teeth whitening, laser gum lift, 6 porcelain veneers, bite guard therapy