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This patient came to Dr. Lomke with failing crown and bridge work completed 20 years ago. Her complaints included stained teeth, loose crowns and gum recession. Following her complimentary consultation with Dr. Lomke, we decided her best option was to replace all her failing bridge work and complete a full smile makeover.

We had a long discussion of how she would like her teeth designed. At 70 years old, our teeth are supposed to naturally have stains and small imperfections. She agreed that she wanted to avoid the “overly white” and “chicklet” look. In all, we decided to create age appropriate crowns that still had vibrancy and life.

She was aware that her severe crowding and need for extractions complicated the case, but overall we had a very successful result!

Now she can’t stop smiling and playing with her grandkids!!!!

Procedures: teeth whitening, extractions, 14 crowns, bite guard therapy.