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Matching a single front tooth is the toughest procedure we face as cosmetic dentists. This local business owner recently has a front crown placed at a different dental office and was unhappy with the shade. “It’s too white and stands out”. She wanted to be able to smile again without reservation. After a whitening session and custom shade appointments, we were able to match the shade almost perfectly. Thanks for your trust in us Judy!


“Smile Designs of Olney is great! Dr. Josh Lomke really cares about his patients & he truly wants you happy with your smile! I had 1 veneer that I was self-conscious about & now it looks natural & I smile naturally now (no hesitation)!
Thanks to Dr. Lomke, I recommend him & Smile Designs to anyone who needs a new veneer or more than 1 veneer!
Dr. Lomke gave me back my natural smile & he can do that for you too. Smile Designs IS the best!


Procedures: whitening, porcelain veneer, bite guard therapy.