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This patient presented to our office with a chipped front tooth. For years she has constantly had the bonding re-done but had never been fully happy with the result. At her last visit, at another office, her dentist decided to “smooth” the area leaving her with rough and non-symmetrical front teeth. Again, unhappy with the result, Jessica decided to do some research and found our office on Google! She loved the reviews and decided to come in for a consultation. Following her appointment, we agreed she did not need any whitening but that nice bonding would be able to repair the area. Within 30 min, we finished her case using 4 different shades of filling material to achieve a seamless and natural result. No anesthetic needed and she couldn’t be happier!

“Dr. Josh Lomke did an amazing job with the bonding on my front tooth. I had a small chip in the tooth that had been smoothed out in the past, but I still wasn’t happy with it. Now it looks good as new! I definitely recommend”

Procedures: cosmetic bonding, bite guard therapy