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Jamie came to Dr. Lomke having viewed his cases on social media and his website. For years she has been upset with bondings placed by a previous dentist. She was unhappy with her uneven gums and that the bondings were constantly staining and chipping. Additional concerns included multiple older large fillings and crowns on back teeth which were showing signs of breaking down. At this point in her life and starting a new job, she made the decision to seek out our help to discuss a more permanent solution. Following our consult and going over multiple options, she decided to have a full smile makeover! Following gum surgery by our local periodontist and a series of in office and at home whitening treatments, we placed crowns on her upper teeth to recreate the smile she had lost. In all we were able to design a natural and youthful smile which creates harmony between her teeth and face! She couldn’t be happier!

Procedures: teeth whitening, gum lift, 12 porcelain crowns, bite guard.