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Another great result replacing a broken central incisor. With custom shading and great homecare by our patient, we were able to mirror her adjacent tooth perfectly.

“Dr. Josh Lomke was truly outstanding, every step of the way, as we planned and executed my treatment.
I broke one of my front teeth in 2018 and had to get a root canal and temporary tooth at the time. This was a short term solution that finally failed in September of this year, leaving me with half a tooth in front, sharp and crooked.
Dr. Josh laid out his plan for my treatment–including a new temporary tooth to hold me over until I could receive my permanent crown–carefully and in ways I could understand. Both appointments were excellent. He took care with each decision he made in fitting me with a temporary tooth, from its shape and size to getting it color matched as close as possible so no one would be able to tell I had a fake tooth for next three weeks. He made sure I was comfortable, informed, and satisfied every step, and he even took extra care to correct my bite. The second appointment was faster and easier, because of the diligent prep work Dr. Josh had done in the previous one. My new tooth was carefully sized, firmly set, and color matched to perfection. I couldn’t be happier with this experience; I felt taken care of, and ultimately I have a beautiful smile that I won’t be paying an arm and a leg for. Thanks so much, Dr. Josh!

Procedures: porcelain crown, bite guard therapy