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This young man presented as an emergency case following a bike accident over the weekend. Following our examination, it was obvious his fractures were too extensive for cosmetic bondings. We decided together that in order to achieve a more structurally sound result, porcelain veneers would be his best option. At the same time, he informed us that he would like to take “this opportunity ” to close his front gap which had been bothering him for years.

As a temporary measure we placed small composite bondings to make him comfortable until we could begin the final treatment. Using our smile design principles and great lab work, we were able to craft two naturally blended veneers to complete his smile and restore what he had lost.

“Dr. Lomke took care to make things as physically painless as possible, while demanding perfection of himself. He took time to get an exact match in shade between the veneers and my actual teeth, and to detail a “flaw” that would make them look just like the real thing—while still looking pretty good. Since getting them, I’ve received loads of compliments from folks who saw the aftermath of the accident, and surprised a few people after letting them know which ones are fake. Nobody can tell the difference. Bottom line: If you need veneers, you need Dr. Lomke.”

Procedures: porcelain veneers, occlusal guard, teeth bleaching