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Chris came to our office following a traumatic bike accident which fractured 3 of his front teeth. At that time, he doubted whether he would ever be able to smile confidently again. Following his consultation, we developed a game plan with our local oral surgeons to achieve the best long-term results. Using dental implants and highly skilled cosmetic dental laboratories, we were able to re-create a smile that will last for years!

“I recommend to anyone who has been involved with trauma to the mouth, wants to repair and regain there smile or even perfect it, Dr. Lomke is the best around. Jokingly I would say “Dr. Lomke, if this had happened to me say in the 1980’s I wouldn’t have gotten my smile back, thank god for that and thank you, Doc”

Procedures: dental implants, implant retained crowns, teeth bleaching, occlusal guard therapy