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This young IT manager came to Dr. Lomke upset with the appearance of her 2 front teeth caused by a fall about 15 years ago. She had bondings placed and replaced many times over as they continued to chip and discolor. She was ready to find a more stable solution that would also improve her esthetics and help regain her confidence. Following a consultation with Dr. Josh, she elected to have 2 porcelain veneers completed to recreate the smile she had lost.

“Luxury is in the DETAILS. I went from dull, composite veneers to Porcelain Magic. My smile is transformed and I’m elated. Dr. Josh Lomke was excellent! He’s very competent in dentistry and is renowned for his work in cosmetic dentistry. He is concerned with making sure his patients are completely satisfied with their cosmetic dental work, especially the esthetics. The entire staff is excellent as well! The office is clean and well organized and comfortable. Highly recommend.”


Procedures: porcelain veneers, bite guard therapy