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Alphonso came history of gum disease and missing teeth and was frustrated that previous dental care providers didn’t seem to be helping him. Over the years he slowly lost his teeth resulting in the need for complete dentures. His current set of dentures were ill fitting and prevented him from eating properly. Most importantly, he was unable to sing in his church choir without a fear of his dentures falling out. Due to his need for complete functionality, we elected to provide him upper and lower implant retained denture the “lock” into place. His treatment would consist of a multi-specialist approach with both dentist and physician team members. Testimonial: “I love to eat and with the old plates I had it was like a job….It was a blessing when I had implants put in I highly recommend Dr. Mitchell Lomke, he is always kind and his staff will solve all of your cosmetic needs”.

Procedures: Dental Implants, Bone Grafting, Implant Retained Dentures