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Invisalign in Silver Spring, MD

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Invisalign is the perfect teeth-straightening solution if you’re looking for a neat and discrete solution that still allows you to eat comfortably. If you’re a Silver Spring, MD resident looking for a new dental home, you’re in luck! Smile Designs of Olney is less than 10 minutes away from Silver Spring. You don’t have to travel that far away from home to come to a dentist’s office where you’ll feel right at home. Invisalign is perfect for all ages. At Smile Designs of Olney, we specialize in cosmetic dentistry and offer many solutions to put you closer to a more appealing (and healthier) smile. Invisalign is a fan favorite in the dental industry for many reasons.


Say Goodbye to Metal Brackets and Wires! 

Braces, like Invisalign, help to straighten and reposition teeth but instead, braces use plastic brackets and wires to do so. Invisalign, as its name suggests, invisibly straightens teeth by using invisible aligners. Aligners are clear, so clear that they are hardly noticeable. Once again, this is a neat and discrete way to have that attractive smile that you desire so much. 

Invisalign Makes Eating So Much Easier, And Aligners Are Easy to Clean! 

As with braces, when you opt for wearing aligners, it takes commitment. You have to wear them for most of the day (for 20-22 hours!) except when you’re eating and drinking. Still, it’s reassuring to know that eating doesn’t have to be painful like traditional braces. Before readjusting the aligner trays after removing them, make sure to rinse your mouth and brush your teeth. That’s all it takes to clean aligners. With traditional braces, it doesn’t take much for food residue to become stuck. 

Less Pain, More Gain

Metal brackets and wires in braces cause tension in the mouth, and this tension is what repositions or straightens teeth. This tension undeniably causes discomfort. With Invisalign, you won’t have to worry about metal scraping your tongue, cheeks, or gums. 

What Silver Spring, MD Residents Can Expect if They Opt for Invisalign

  1. Our doctors using an intraoral scanner to capture the current position of your teeth adequately.
  2. The intraoral scan will go to our lab. Then, we will simulate the movement of your teeth into their ideal new position. Once approved by both you and the dentist, we can finalize the treatment and make the aligners.
  3. In 2-3 weeks, you’ll have to come back to the office so that we can place small, tooth-colored attachments on select teeth and the first aligners delivered. 
  4. Make sure to wear a new set of aligners about every week. Every 4-6 weeks, you’ll need to return to our office so that we can check your progress and provide you with a new series of aligners. 

Come to Smile Designs of Olney for All of Your Cosmetic Procedures

For your smile makeover or any other dental needs, come to Smile Designs of Olney! Book an appointment with us. Whether you want your teeth whitened, straightened, or restored altogether, we pride ourselves in quality patient care and giving you the smile makeover that you deserve. Our small, professional staff will make you feel right at home. We service the Montgomery County regions including Olney, Laytonsville, Brookville, Silver Spring, Rockville, Columbia, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, and Germantown, MD. Contact us at (301) 260-0700, visit us online, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

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